#1 - Natures Colon Rescue

Natures Colon Rescue with its special combination of ingredients restores the natural health of your colon and removes the toxins and accumulated wastes that have been building up over the years. Only pure and natural ingredients are included in this unique formula to assure you of the healthiest, most relaxing way to eliminate parasites, intestinal sludge and toxins.

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#2 - Digest It

Digest It colon cleansing formula provides your body with a gentle, safe and effective method for removing toxins and intestinal wastes. Bromalite has been created from only natural ingredients such as Grape Seed Extract, Pro-biotics, Green Tea Extract, Ginger Root, Papaya and Mangosteen. These ingredients are combined so they can provide you with maximum benefits.

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#3 - Purity 12

Purity 12 is a natural colon cleanser that is much more than just a type of laxative. The formula for this product is made from only top quality, organic ingredients. It gently flushes your system so that your body regains its health and vitality. This product contains pro-biotics that will eliminate harmful bacteria, yeast and parasites from your intestinal tract.

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#4 - Colonix

The Colonix colon cleanser program uses a 3 pronged plan of action to restore a person's health and clean the GI tract. The formula consists of the Colonix fiber supplement, Paranil capsules and KleriTea. The Colonix fiber supplement removes toxic build up, while Paranil capsules contain detoxifying herbs. Finally, KleriTea works in synergy with Colonix fiber.

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#5 - Bowtrol

The Bowtrol colon cleansing program is a 30 day process from start to finish. At the end of the month your intestinal tract should be clear of any sludgy residue and your system should have been thoroughly flushed so that no toxins or waste products are left behind. This product includes Senna, Bentonite Clay, and Cascara as ingredients in its formula.

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Dual Action Cleanse Review

Dual Action Cleanse
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Due to changes in diet with the rise of manufactured food products, many people are consuming a much higher-fat, lower-fiber diet than their ancestors. Add to this the menace of pesticides and other hormones used in modern-day farming, and you can have the phenomenon of carrying around an excess five-ten pounds of toxic sludge in the colon. Needless to say, this can leave a person feeling tired, stress, and weighed-down, all unnecessarily.

Fortunately, there are products on the market to battle this and flush out the digestive system. Dual Action Cleanse is one of these products which make promises of a cleaner, clearer digestive tract.

What is Dual Action Cleanse?

This unique formula is a powerful cleanser that helps the colon function properly. Dual Action Cleanse works to regulate bowel movements and flush out unlimited waste that may have accumulated over time in the digestive system. Composed primarily of cleansing herbs, Dual Action Cleanse is a natural, safe and potentially effective method to purify the body.

How Does Dual Action Cleanse Work?

Dual Action Cleanse works in two parts, to fight the toxins that may have built up inside the colon as a result of an imbalanced diet, not enough fiber, and a lack of fresh fruit and vegetables that typify the American diet.

This lack of fiber means that the digestive system is not functioning properly and is unable to perform bowel movements with the regularity that helps keep the body healthy. Dual Action Cleanse fights this by:

  • Colon Clear Formula - Encouraging frequent bowel movements
  • Total Body Purifier - Nourishing the body with cleansing herbs that help detoxify the colon and remaining digestive system

Benefits of Dual Action Cleanse

Users of Dual Action Cleanse have reported a number of benefits, including feeling lighter overall, losing weight, and experiencing less bacterial infection.

  • Total benefits may include:
  • Increase in energy
  • Elimination of waste products
  • Clear skin
  • Weight loss
  • Overall body detoxification
  • Dual Action Cleanse offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, or your money back
  • Green Tea energy capsules are offered as a free bonus

These benefits are surely tempting, however no product is perfect, and Dual Action Cleanse too carries its share of possible cons.

Cons of Dual Action Cleanse

The main concern with any sort of cleansing program is that there is a chance that an adverse reaction to the herbs used may occur. Dual Action Cleanse is included in this possibility, as it contains a wide bounty of herbs, including fennel seed, cascara, psyllium, and other potent ingredients.

As many of the herbs contained in its ingredients are laxatives, there is the chance that familiar symptoms of laxative use could occur, including:

  • Abdominal Pain or Cramping
  • Nausea
  • Dependence
  • Bloating

As with any other supplement or weight loss program, a health care professional should be consulted if an individual is considering Dual Action Cleanse. It is up to the individual to determine if the benefits outweigh the potential cons.

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